Rose Van Thorne


Pin-Up: Rose Van Thorne
Photo: Mr. 40Chev
MUA: Rose Van Thorne – did it myself


Pin-Up: Rose Van Thorne
Photo: Through My Eyes Photography
MUA: Ms. Scarlett


Pin-Up: Rose Van Thorne
Photo: Tim Hunter
MUA: Constance Hall

From Rose Van Thorne:

“Hello, my name is Rose Van Thorne!
I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, but I\’ve traveled all over the United States and Europe. I love to experience other cultures, and I speak Spanish, German, and Italian.
I am a vintage clothing addict, and I have a huge closet full of well-loved clothing and shoes, which inspires me to design and sew my own clothing as well.
By day I am a mild-mannered, well-educated schoolgirl, but by night I am a daring dancer, actress, seamstress, and pin-up model. I dance jazz, tap, ballet, salsa, swing, ballroom, tango, and industrial style; and I play a mean game of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)!

I love to play dress-up and explore my darker, rebellious side. Modeling is my passion; I love to challenge my creativity and make art with my photos.

Things I can’t live without include: chocolate, ice cream, Halloween (my favorite time of year), red lipstick, liquid eyeliner, curlers, thigh-high stockings, high heels, war films, and old cars.”

Well hello there yourself Rose!  Nice of you to drop by and submit some of your pics, and what a killer intro!  So good to see you here, and remember to keep us posted on your new shoots!

~ Irish


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